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This is the new home of StemHack and Cogniscient, a combination of some of the fun math and science stuff that I do with my son, Leo (STEM Hacks), and my personal blog (Cogniscient). The old blog is here on The reason for moving to this ugly format is that I wasn't able to get wordpress templates to render mathjax correctly, and I didn't need all the crud that comes with wordpress (and much less to pay for it!) I'm creating new content here, and may (very slowly) migrate some of the posts from the old blog.

About me: I am primarily a parent. Incidentally I'm also co-founder and director of research of xCures, a precision oncology startup, and an adjunct professor in the Symbolic Systems program at Stanford. In those roles I do various sorts of research on scientific reasoning and discovery in both humans and machines.

Here's my personal web site. (This is my second blog. I created my first one, the Diary of an Insane Cell Mechanic, before "blogging" was even a word!)

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